Broken Sword


Professor Oubier's Study
Escaping the spider is straightforward enough. Examine the book case behind George. Click on the wedge, causing the bookcase to squash the tarantula. Click on the bracket to release your bonds. Click on the drawer in the bureau to the left. Examine the pot to reveal the small key. Open the bureau. Drink the tequila and pick up the worm that George spits to the floor. 

Collect the dart and Nico's handbag from the middle of the room. Examine the note now in your inventory to get Lobineau's phone number. Use the dart on the cabinet by the fire to pick the lock. Nico's panties will let you handle the hot gas cylinder, so use the cylinder on the soda siphon. Click on the fire to extinguish it and then the door to escape. 

Click on the telephone to call Lobineau. Pick up the newspaper cutting and examine it to get the statement. Use the key to open the door on the left. 

Order a coffee from the waiter. When Lobineau arrives, talk about the pot to get the address of a gallery. Talk to the man at the table about Nico and twice about himself. When he holds his head in his hands, pick up his flask. Go to the gallery. 

Glease Gallery
Use the flask on the fat critic's glass twice so that he falls over. With Glease distracted, look at the packing case to the left. Click on the label that George spots. Talk to Glease, and you're off to Marseilles. 


Dock Gates
Walk to the hut. Knock on the window to talk to the night watchman. You'll be told that there is no way you can enter the compound. Likewise, the dog isn't going to let you pass. Click on the steps to the left of the hut to get to the jetty. 

Under the Hut
Find the boat hook floating in the water right by you. Use the boat hook on the bottle floating to the right. Go back up the steps. 

Dock Gates
Click on the hut's chimney. It's too hot to touch, so use the bottle on it. The bottle is half full of water and cools the stack off. Pick up the chimney cone and then put the bottle in the neck of the chimney. The smoke soon forces the guard from his hut. Click on the steps again to return to the jetty under the hut. Click on the trap door to enter the hut secretly. 

Inside the Hut
Collect the dog biscuits and go back down the trap door again. 

Under the Hut
Put some dog biscuits on the little platform to the right of the dog. As the dog walks onto the platform, use the boat hook again to pull the platform down, dropping the dog into the water. Walk up the stairs again and click on the fence to climb over it. 

Walk to the left so that you can see the ladder. Climb it. Click on the left hand window to have a look inside the warehouse. Use the boat hook one last time to jam the fan next to you. Click on the window to step outside again. 

Click on the ladder again to return to the front of the warehouse. Knock on the warehouse door to attract Pablo's attention. When you talk to him, pretend to be a policeman by selecting the Gendarme's picture. 

Climb the ladder to the left once more. Walk along the gantry and click on the clamp to attach a barrel. The barrel will fall off the screen, which causes Pablo to investigate what is happening. When he steps in the way, click on the clamp again to send him crashing into the water. Descend the ladder and walk into the warehouse. 

Inside the Warehouse
Search the desk drawer for a key. Walk right across the warehouse until Titipoco, the little Indian, stops you. Give him the key so that he can free himself and allow you to progress. Walk to the right again, and call the elevator using the button to the left of the elevator door. 

Warehouse Upstairs
To stop the elevator doors from closing, click on the rightmost crate just in front of you. To the right of the elevator is a light switch. Click it. The extra light reveals scratch marks on the floor in the left of the room. Examine the marks to discover a secret door. Click on the door to find the hidden catch. Click on the open door to enter a secret room. 

Secret Room
You've found Nico! Talk to her so that George removes the masking tape. Untie the rope to pacify her. When she walks out of the room, pick up the small statue on the floor and follow her out. 

Warehouse Upstairs
You need to escape from the warehouse. Drape the rope in your inventory around the statue on the pallet in the middle of the room. Walk to the elevator and use the masking tape, also in your inventory, on the photoelectric cell at the base of the elevator doors. Click on the crate blocking the door to return it to its original position. Move the little crate on the left to the bigger case on the right. Click on the larger left crate to move it out of the way. Click on the hand cart pallet to raise the statue. Click on the rope around the statue's neck and attach it to the pulley just above. Click on the hand cart again to leave the statue swinging freely. Try to push the statue, and when you can't manage, ask Nico for her help. Click on the smashed door to exit to the balcony. Use the manacles in your inventory on the rope stretching off to the left to escape. Have a chat with Lobineau and Glease in his gallery, and then head off to Quaramonte. 


Village Square
When you have disembarked and walked through Quaramonte's very basic customs, walk off to the right of the square and chat to Pearl, the big American lady outside the Police Station. You should ask about her husband Duane twice, and then stop talking. Walk into the police station. 

Police Station
Talk to the big, blond, grinning general to the right when Professor Oubier has walked out. Ask him about Oubier. Try to sneak a peek at the chart on the wall at the back of the station before leaving the station. 

Village Square
Talk to Nico about the chart in the station. Walk off to the right to find Duane in a truck and Professor Oubier standing nearby. Ask him about Nico. 

Walk to the left again and chat to the musicians in the middle of the square. When they tell you about Miguel, ask why he was imprisoned. Walk back to Duane in the truck and ask him twice about his vehicle. Ask what he knows about Quaramonte's strict music laws, and twice about Miguel. Say your farewells and head to the other side of the square. Walk up the steps to the Mining Office at the back of the square. 

Mining Office
Act the doting assistant and ask Conchita, the attractive brunette behind the desk, what she knows about Professor Oubier. Ask her if she has any detonators, and then mention the chart in the General's office. Walk out of the office and return to the village square. 

Village Square
Call Nico over and talk to her about the chart. She won't be happy with your suggestion, but will follow you into the police station. 

Police Station
Let the General know that Nico wants to conduct a private "interview" with him. When they have both left, talk to Renaldo, the assistant in the corner, about Quaramonte's Pyramid. Ask him if he would accompany Pearl there. When he agrees, walk out of the station and tell Pearl that she has some company for her sightseeing. When they both leave for the Pyramid, take a look at the chart to find out where Oubier is heading. Head straight back to the Mining Office. 

Mining Office
Tell Conchita about your discovery on the chart. She'll willingly give you the detonator you need. Open the cupboard behind her to take it, and then walk out of the office. 

Village Square
Walk over to Duane in his truck and tell him twice about the detonator. Walk into the police station and through the cells behind Renaldo's desk. 

Village Gaol
Talk to Miguel, who's incarcerated there. Renaldo will return and arrest you, forcing you at gunpoint into a cell. Let it happen and the action will cut to Nico in the General's Apartment. 

General's Apartment
Playing as Nico, resist the General's advances and then examine the lava lamp, the television, the tiger skin rug and the portrait of El Presidente. Having looked at everything, talk to the general about each item. When his mother arrives, let the action progress without you. The story continues back in the cells. 

Village Gaol
It turns out that Duane's explosives are useless, so you need another way to escape. Click on the noose in Miguel's cell. Ask him about it a couple of times and he'll give it to you. Select the rope from your inventory and attach it to the bars in your cell. Click on the rope once it is attached (you may need to move George out of the way so that you can select it). Click on Duane on the other side of the window. Duane will attach the rope to his truck and pull the gaol wall out. Nico takes the bang as her cue to leave, catching up with you as you leap onto your boat, and... it's time to switch CDs. Tune in next month for more strategy! 

The Jungle

The Missionary Position
After his boat is destroyed, George is washed up somewhere in the jungle. Although his shades are intact, he has managed to lose Nico again. 

Walking left, you notice a hut, which, as it happens, contains your young lady friend, but requiring some medical attention. Take the Vine from the machine on the right. Put the Bank Statement from your inventory onto the bushes below the hut, and place the Vine you have just collected onto the Press to the left. 

Use the Fetish from your inventory on the Waterwheel to light the bank statement and pile of leaves. Hubert, the Missionary, will come out to investigate what's going on, so talk to him about Nico and twice about the Root he mentions. 

He wants a straight collar, so place it on the Press. Pick up the Cross below the hut, and use it on the press. Pick the collar back up and talk to Hubert again about his collar and then the Root. George is accompanied to the Indian Village. 

The Indian Village
Talk to the Indian Guards about Nico, the Missionary and the Shaman. Give the Dog Biscuits from your inventory to the guards. When one guard returns with the empty box of dog biscuits, put the Coyote Stone in the box and hand it back to the guard. 

Walk left into the village and talk to the Shaman sitting by the camp fire. Ask about the Missionary, Nico (twice), the Root (twice), the Missionary again, the Coyote Stone, the Jaguar Stone (twice), the Eagle Stone (twice) and the Coyote Stone once again. Finally, after the history lecture and an indication of what you have to do, talk about the Root to get it. 

The Missionary Position
Use the Cone in your inventory on the Press, so that George places it underneath. Put the Root on the Press, then use the cross again to squeeze the root into the cone. Collect the cone and walk up the ladder to the hut. Nico will be healed and it's off to the Caribbean with you. 

The Caribbean

Ketch Island Beach
Right click on the Theodolite to examine it. Talk to the surveyor, Bronson, about the Theodolite (twice). Walk up the steps at the back of the screen and left click on the cat. Click on the ladder to put it up, and then click on the door of the house to try and enter. 

After talking to the Ketch sisters, walk back to the beach, along the pier and talk to Rio, the little fisher kid, about the Ketch Treasure and the Sisters. Walk back to Bronson and ask him about the Sisters and his Plans. Go back up the steps to the museum and talk to the Sisters about the Cat, three times about Rio and twice about Emily, about the Cat again, and finally about Emily again. Pop back to the beach and talk to Rio about Bronson, Emily and a Fish. Give Rio your worm (ahem) then walk away and talk to Bronson. It doesn't matter what you talk to him about, since you're just giving Rio time to catch something. Walk back to Rio and ask him about a fish again so that he catches the bicycle wheel. Click on the bicycle to collect the inner tube, talk to Rio again so that he catches a fish this time, and then about the Inner Tube. 

Trot off to the museum and climb up the ladder. Tie the Inner Tube to the flagpole next to you and walk down the ladder. Tie the fish to the inner tube and when the cat is distracted, pick up his ball, if you see what we mean. Walk back up the ladder and untie the inner tube. Walk back down the ladder and tie the inner tube to the forked tree, just to the left of the house by the cliff face. Use the Ball on the inner tube to knock the reflector off the left flagpole. 

When Bronson walks up the steps and climbs the ladder to affix the new reflector, remove the ladder to trap him. Pick up the marker and return to the beach. 

Pick up the Theodolite and Bronson's plans. Walk back up the cliff and give the plans to the old ladies that have reappeared. They let you into the museum, just as, coincidentally, Nico finds her way to the British Museum in London. 

British Museum
Right-click on the Cabinet containing the Jaguar Stone off to the right of the room. Talk to the Attendant about the Jaguar Stone (twice), and when reintroduced to Oubier, ask him about the Stone. With Oubier gone, talk to the Attendant about the Docks, and about the Jaguar Stone once more. When it has been discovered as missing, pick up the key in the lock and walk over to the cabinet by the telephone. Use the key to retrieve the dagger and then give the key to the Attendant. Click on the curtain to the left and use the dagger on the revealed door to escape. 

Ketch Museum
Pick up the Quill in the foreground. Click on the Ship's Wheel to the right, on the Portrait behind you and then on the Sea Chest. Ask Emily twice about her Cross, and then leave the museum. 

Ketch Island Beach
Use the Quill on the Cat, and then pick up the shredded feathers. Walk back to the beach and talk to Rio about Emily, his Sister and the Feathers. When you've got the Conch, walk back to the museum. 

Ketch Museum
Talk to Emily about the Conch to get her cross. Click on the Chart behind you, and place it on the desk. Put the Cross on the pen holder in the corner of the desk. Pick up the lantern behind you and place that next to the desk, in the Inkwell to reveal the location of Ketch's treasure. Walk back to the beach. 

Ketch Island Beach
Talk to Rio about the Treasure, and then the Zombies. 

Zombie Island

The Beach
Click on the Rock Outcrop to attempt to climb it. Examine the Boat and then talk to Rio about the Net. Use the Net on the Rock Outcrop. 

British Museum Tube Station
Examine Nico's handbag to find a Hair Grip. Use the Hair Grip on the coin slot at the top of the chocolate vending machine. Click on the coin reject slot at the bottom to retrieve an old penny. Use the penny on the weighing machine to the right to get a card. Use the dagger on the cupboard by the floor to the right to open it slightly, then use the weighing card on the crack to open the door fully. Press the revealed Button to make the subway train stop. 

The Forest on Zombie Island
Exit to the top right of the cliff. Pick up a Reed in the center of the screen, and walk off screen to the top right. Use the Reed on the Creature's Lair in the center of the screen, and walk back to the bottom left twice to return to the top of the cliff. 

Walk off to the right. Use the Reed on the Dart in your inventory to create a weapon and save the game now! Click on the branch above your head to reveal that you can jump up to it. Fire the dart at the boar and immediately jump up to the branch. If you don't do this properly, and the boar runs off to the left, you must reload your saved game and try again. 

Walk off to the right and use the Net on the Marker to combine them. Click on the Needle Rock to attempt to climb it, then click on the creeper to pull it away from the rock. Use the net/marker combo on the creeper, and then pick the creeper up. Click on the rock again to toss the creeper over the top, fixing the marker to the top. Walk off to the bottom left, walk left a bit, then walk up through the exit revealed by the stampeding boar from earlier. 

Camel's Hump Hill
Put the Theodolite on the three holes at the top of the rock (but not on the initials there). When it switches to the Theodolite view, scroll the view a few screens to the right until you can see the Marker twinkling at the bottom of the screen. Click on the Marker and then on the rock pillar directly above it. Move the cursor towards the bottom of the screen so that it changes into a downwards pointing hand and click. An exit to the right has now appeared, so walk off that way. 

London Docks
You are back with Nico, but her life is in danger, so save the game now. Shuffle to the next crate to your left by clicking on it. Wait for the guard to stop and talk to Pablo before clicking on the cupboard to open it. Quickly click on the ladder to climb up it, and when the guard walks into the cupboard, click on the door again to slam it shut. Click on the mop to bar the door, and have a look through the porthole. 

Inside the Boat
After the cut scene, click on Oubier to make sure he is dead. Pick up the Jaguar Stone, and when trapped by Karzac, use the dagger in your inventory on him to escape. 

The Movie Set
Walk through the movie set to the left and pick up the Syrup, the Plate of Pancakes and a bun from the table. In your inventory, combine the syrup and the pancakes to make a tasty and nutritious meal. Right click on the big bush to your right to examine it, then click on it twice to agitate the occupants. 

Walk over to the Keanu Reeves caricature Haiku, the one standing next to the thigh-high booted bimbo by the fort. Talk to him about himself (twice). Walk over to Bert, the burly stuntman who was by the table of food, and give him the pancake/syrup mixture. Throw the bun in your inventory at the bush to antagonize the hornets further, collect another bun from the table and hurl that at the insects too. After destroying that scene, you find yourself on the beach. 

Film Set 2
Right-click on the rock pillar to the right, and then on the small cave at the top to examine them both. Click on the camera mounted high on the dolly, and then on the portable camera next to it to suggest the crew use that. Walk over to Bert and talk to him about the Camel's Eye. Talk to Hawks (the director, remember) about his movie, about the Camel's Eye and about his Cameraman. George is soon roped into performing the stunt at the alternative location, where he can retrieve the final stone. 

The Caribbean

Burned Out Indian Village
As Nico, walk right and examine the Mayan Stone lying at the front of the main smoldering hut. Try and pick it up, but you'll find it's too hot. Examine the barrel just to the right, and then click on it to try and tip it over. It's too heavy so ask Titipoco for his help. Pick the Coyote Stone up and then exit to the far left. 

The Pyramid
Cut the fuel line on the left engine using the dagger in your possession. Click on the cylinder in the engine to pick it up, then use it on the fuel line to collect some petrol. Click on the fuel cap of the rightmost engine to transfer the fuel. Examine the Gantry behind the engine and then pick up the rope on the floor. 

Get Titipoco to climb the Gantry by talking to him about the rope. Grab the ends of the rope when Titipoco drops them down and attach them to the engine. Click the button on the engine to start it, and then pull the lever on the left side of the engine. Talk to Titipoco about the lever so that he can operate the machine for you, then walk onto the lift. Click on Titipoco to get him to operate the elevator. 

Top of Pyramid
Pick up the Ammunition Belt and then on the lift when the cursor is showing a down arrow. 

The Pyramid
Walk to the guards to the left and talk to the Head Guard about Karzac. Walk to the right slightly so that you can see both the torch on your left and Titipoco on your right. Pick up the torch and hand it to Titipoco so that he can light it. Nico automatically sets fire to the fuel, but throw the ammunition belt onto the fire to scatter the guards. When Nico returns to the top of the Pyramid, click on the General to make him surrender. Click on George to untie him and step inside the Pyramid. 

Inside the Pyramid
As Nico, click on the left lever on the wall, and then on the right lever. Talk to George to get him to help you pull both levers at the same time. All three characters drop through the floor. 

Big Wheel Room
Nico must solve the Glyph Puzzle to escape, which is different each time and requires some patience. Each part of the puzzle requires three steps. Just to the right of where you begin are two huge wheels with symbols around the edge. To the right of the wheels are eight blocks set into the wall. Further to the right is a Monkey Statue and four more blocks. Notice that each of these blocks is a combination of two symbols shown on the group of eight blocks to the immediate left. Similarly, each of the eight blocks is a combination of two symbols from the two big wheels. 

To solve the puzzle, establish which two blocks combine to make the first block in the Monkey Statue. When you find which two symbols in the group of eight create this symbol, pick one of them. Walk to the left and rotate the wheels by clicking on them to line up two symbols in the center so that they are touching. These two symbols will combine to make the symbol to the right. Once you have the two correct symbols on the wheel, you can walk over to the group of eight blocks and press the combined image. If you have the right wheel combination, the block depresses. 

Walk back to the wheels and rotate them to create the second image. Walk back to the group of eight and depress that combined image. With the correct two blocks depressed, walk to the right and depress the correct block of the four. You need to press all four blocks to escape, but from the block of eight only two blocks can be depressed at one time, so make sure you form correct sets of pairs. 

With the puzzle solved, an exit appears to the right. Walk through it. 

Statue Room
As George, pick up the Torch next to you. Talk to Titipoco about the torch to get it lit, then click on the lever to the left to fall down to the next level. 

Lever Room 1 
Click on the lever next you and walk off to the left. 

Lever Room 2 
Click on the right hand lever and walk off the top of the screen. 

Click on the lever at the back of the screen, next to George when he enters. Take the exit to the front of the screen to return to Lever Room 1. 

Lever Room 1 
Pick the torch up from the floor and use it to light the second torch on the wall. Walk through the revealed exit to the right. 

At the bottom of the stairs, pull the lever to reveal some more stairs. Walk down the stairs to Almost Certain Death, and enjoy the ending cinematic.