Blood & Magic
To activate these cheats hold ALT and enter these codes:
Code Description
BOOST Gives you 300 mana points
ELMINSTER Full research
ACOLYTE Summons Basal Golem
ALASKA Summons Gnome
SMOG Summons Wyrm
JARETH Summons Goblin
FATHER Summons Cleric
MERV Summons Griffin
WOLVERINE Summons Druid
CONCRETE Summons Stone Golem
MERLIN Summons Wizard
GREMLIN Summons Enchanter
DEAD FLESH Summons Zombie
FLYING MONKIES Summons Gargoyle
RAISE DEAD Summons Ghoul
BODY GUARD Summons Guardiam
MICROSQUISH Summons Juggernaut
MOTHER IN LAW Summons Harpy
SEDUCTION Summons Nymph
LANCELOT Summons Paladin
YOGI Summons Ranger
SHADOW Summons Wraith