Blood 2

Type 'T' then CHEAT CODE and finally Enter...
MPGODGod mode
MPKFALotsa weapons
MPAMMOFull ammo
MPCLIPSpectator mode (no clipping)
MPHEALTHYFills up your health
MPWHEREAMIDisplays your coordinates
MPHIDEMEHides your coordinates
MPBEEFCAKEIncreased Power (more gore)
MPKILLEMALLKill's all monsters on level
MPSPEEDUPIncreases your speed (1..5)
MPSTRONGERIncreases your strength (1..5)
MPCALEBChanges your character model to Caleb
MPOPHELIA Changes your character model to Ophelia
MPISHMAELChanges your character model to Ishmael
MPGABBYChanges your character model to Gabriella
MPBERETTAGives you the Beretta, type twice for dual weapon
MPSUBMACHINEGUNGives you the Submachinegun,twice for dual weapon
MPFLAREGUN Gives you the Flaregun,twice for dual weapon
MPSHOTGUNGives you the Sawed-off Shotgun, twice for dual weapon
MPSNIPERRIFLE Gives you the Sniper Rifle
MPHOWITZERGives you the Howitzer
MPNAPALMCANNONGives you the Napalm Cannon
MPSINGULARITY Gives you the Singularity Generator
MPASSAULTRIFLE Gives you the Assault Rifle
MPBUGBUSTER Gives you the Bug buster
MPMINIGUNGives you the Minigun
MPLASERRIFLE Gives you the Cobalco Laser Rifle
MPTESLACANNONGives you the Tesla Cannon
MPVOODOO Gives you the Voodoo Doll
MPTHEORB Gives you the The Orb
MPLIFELEECH Gives you the Life Leech
MPGOBLE Writes 'Brian L. Goble is a programming god!'
MPSCORPIO Writes 'Brian L. Goble is a programming god!'
MPTOTARO Writes 'Jim Totaro is da man!'
MPGOSHOPPINGGives all items
MPNICENURSEGives +25 health
MPWARD Gives ward (25 armor)
MPNEWCROWARDGives newcroward (100 armor)
MPCARBONFIBER Gives Willpower Powerup
MPTAKEOFFSHOESMakes you invisible
MPHERKERMURGives Triple Damage Powerup
MPBEANSOFCOOLNESS Gives a nice selection of weapons