Big Game Hunter 2

Restore Health

Press Alt+control+h to restore health to full

Cheat Codes

Enable boxes (see note below) [Alt] + [Ctrl] + B
Magnify on/off [Alt] + [Ctrl] + V
Toggle rain [Alt] + [Ctrl] + R
Toggle wind [Alt] + [Ctrl] + W
Toggle snow [Alt] + [Ctrl] + S
Get $2,000 on Catalog Screen [Alt] + [Ctrl] + M
Auto Camera [Alt] + [Ctrl] + C
Show Frame Rate [Alt] + [Ctrl] + F
Refill Health [Alt] + [Ctrl] + H
Lightening [Alt] + [Ctrl] + L
Box Colors Description
Red Boxes Non Moving Dead Fields
Yellow Boxes Possible Animal Locations
Green Boxes Animals

Sight Weapon

At the target zone when redy to shoot press ALT + CTRL + T . Use the cursor keys to align this to 0-0. Now your weapon is sighted in

Get more hunting time

Go back to camp before 8 P.M.. Now go to the lodge, return to the camp and back to the lodge to get the time to midnight for more hunting time

Get tags

Clickt the buy tags option in the lodge and type giraffe or coyote to hunt that animal