Army Men II

To enable the Cheat mode, hit the Backspace key, type !when all else fails and hit Enter. Now, hit Backspace again and type one of the following:
!BEAUTIFUL NIKITA Gives you infinite use of the snipers rifle.
!DOCTOR DOCTOR Restores you to full health.
!GERONIMO! Calls in an air strike.
!GOD OF GAMBLERS Gives you a random item.
!I GIVE UP Restarts the level.
!I HAVE A ROCK Gives you infinite grenades.
!JUMPJETS Lets you fly.
!NIGHT OF THE WALKING DEAD Turns units into zombies.
!NINJA ARTS Puts you in stealth mode.
!PAPER DOLLS Calls in paratroopers.
!PATTON'S SPEACH Promotes highlighted men
!ROACH SPRAY Gives you infinite Aerosol spray.
!RUBBER CEMENT Gives you a Medkit.
!SANTINI Puts you in god mode.
!SPIDEY SENSES TINGLING Reveals the entire map.
!SURPRISE PARTY Increase the number of enemies.
!VENI VIDI VINCI Wins the mission.
!VILLAGE POEPLE Gives you infinite flamethrower.