Alpha Centauri

See Unexplored Map

When getting ready to move a unit, hold the Left Mouse Button. Move the unit over the map grid. As it passes over each grid square, coordinates and distance will be displayed, along with text associated with landmarks and cities, even if the square is unexplored (blacked out).

Various Cheats
While playing the game press Ctrl + K to start the map editor. Now enter one of the following codes.

Code effect Code
Change year [Shift] + [F5]
Create unit [Shift] + [F1]
Discovery technology [Shift] + [F2]
Edit energy credits [Shift] + [F4]
Edit Faction diplomacy [Shift] + [F9]
Full map Y
Kill opponent [Shift] + [F6]
Switch sides and reset view [Shift] + [F3]
View FMV sequences [Shift] + [F8]
View replay [Shift] + [F7]

Advanced Users Only

A way to get energy credits with out the phrase "CHEATED" coming up on the score:

Edit at these offsets:

Gaians - 2608
Hive - 46c4
University - 6780
Morganites - 883c
Spartans - a8f8
Believers - c9b4
Peasekeepers - ea70

change example: offset  6780    0a00 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000  ................
Change 0a = 10  to  4042 0f = 1,000,000.
Use the base converter with the program set to Intel,  unasserted long to get the proper hex format.